Pacha’s Mission

What happens when you get tired of sitting in a cubicle but there’s no place you want to go to grab a bite and a cup of coffee that makes you feel at home? You open a small café stocked like your home kitchen with organic and local ingredients of high quality, making comfort food that you’d feel comfortable serving your family. Of course it would serve the finest organic coffee, tea and espresso, the way you like it! Welcome to PACHA.

When Marjorie (and her husband David, an ancient Greek scholar and fellow organic enthusiast) bought Pacha in 2008, the first changes made were the sourcing of ingredients. Pacha’s new mission included supporting organic and sustainable food. Now organic whole milk and half-and-half, handmade quiche crusts from organic flour and butter, and organic fruits and vegetables were stocking the larder. We scoured sources for organic eggs from pastured hens, and eventually located World’s Best Eggs in Elgin, where Natalie drives weekly to pick up our eggs. We looked for sources of grass-fed/finished beef and discovered a gem in pioneering organic agriculturist Betsy Ross’s herd in Granger, pastured on a managed rotation of wild Texas prairie. We began making more of our food from scratch rather than sourcing from other restaurants and bakeries, quickly migrating to making everything in house except bagels and bread (though we make our focaccia in-house). Of course our family favorite, fruit-stuffed and butter-crisped pancake came to Pacha. Our pear-bacon-scallion pancake is an Austin original!


Pacha opens its doors

Julie and Laurent launched Pacha to sell handmade crafts from South America and featured an espresso bar and small café on the side. Customers could browse and shop as well as enjoy a light refreshment. The original location was 4618 Burnet Road, in a former doctor’s office converted into a café.


Pacha goes ORGANIC

When family needs changed, Pacha was put up for sale and Marjorie and David decided to take the plunge and buy it, careening recession and economic uncertainty notwithstanding. We had a few lean learning years ahead. Pacha Organic Café was born.


Pacha moves

While we will always miss the cute little house in Rosedale, we won’t miss the kitchen. We outgrew the tiny, extremely inadequate kitchen space many years ago, but the cost of a move was always prohibitive, though we searched high and low. After surviving the 2020 pandemic, and with no remedies to the problems at Burnet, we took a risk and a loan to move into a space in North University, at 2915 Guadalupe. 

Give us a call

Our baristas are happy to take your call at (512)420-8758 and answer any questions you may have, but if you know what you want feel free to order it online. You can then dine in with minimum wait or take it to go!

Pacha Organic Café


(512) 420-8758


2915 Guadalupe St
Austin, TX 78705