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Every so often we have something informative, or something fun to announce. Check out our new fruity tea slushies for instance!

Delivery Option and Christmas Holiday Schedule Update

We have some announcements!  * There is a change of plans for Saturday, December 24. Because of staffing challenges due to illness and the holidays, we will not have indoor dining on Christmas Eve day BUT we can offer to-go, pickup or delivery (via DoorDash) on...

Changing hours…

Pacha will return to closing at 3pm daily beginning Monday September 19, 2022. We’re sorry for any inconvenience but we need to direct our limited resources into making the core business sustainable at this time. Thank you for your support!

What does organic mean anyway?

What does organic mean anyway?

One question we often ask during an interview is "What is the meaning of organic?". The answers range from informed and enthusiastic to a vague idea of healthy or better for the earth to outright ignorance, equating it with vegan food or "natural" food, whatever that...

Organic Fruit Slushies

Organic Fruit Slushies

Natalie and her minions have been experimenting with organic, fruit slushie recipes. The only ingredients are organic fruit, tea and a bit of sugar. No mixes, no ma'am. When we leased this new space it came with some equipment we'd never used before, and this was one...

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